Speed in the Heat Hankook Ventus Race rock the Slovakiaring

Foto: Hankook Tire 

During what has been the hottest race weekend so far in the 2013 SUPERSTARS WORLD season, Hankook and the SUPERSTARS and GT SPRINT INTERNATIONAL SERIES set out to tame the Slovakiaring this weekend. High temperatures, rough asphalt and the demanding characteristics of the high-speed track near Bratislava turned out to be the main challenges of the weekend – for tyres and teams alike. The Hankook Ventus Race once more proved their worth, enabling drivers to push to the limit.

 In an exciting third round of the popular SUPERSTARS WORLD at the Slovakiaring, Hankook’s successful Ventus Race tyres once more provided superior performance on the spot. As temperatures, at the highly technical track, were soaring up to over 45 degrees Celsius an exciting race weekend with tough fights for podium finishes unfolded. In combination with the abrasive track surface this meant maximum thermal and mechanical stress for the tyres. Challenges which the Hankook slicks countered with reliable consistent high and safe performance – a fact recognized by the top drivers.

The Hankook Ventus Race provided the necessary grip for continuous fast acceleration out of the slower sections and durability as drivers were running hard over the kerbs to prevent loss of speed through the many corners of the highly technical circuit. Current SUPERSTARS championship leader Thomas Biagi (Team Mercedes-AMG Romeo Ferraris) explained: “The Slovakiaring is a very technical track with many fast and slow corners, many changes of direction. A really hard track. I tested a lot on my simulator to prepare for the race and that was helpful. The tyres were working really very well considering my car is so heavy. The asphalt of the track is so slippery so we were worried about it. But from the first to the last lap the tyres were very consistent with a good level of grip. Hankook did a very good job on the tyre side and then my team did the rest.”

The Hankook Ventus Race tyres are developed, tested and built to add to the excitement of racing, delivering premium performance even under the most challenging circumstances. They combine consistency, perfect handling, reliability and maximum safety, providing optimal ground contact for cornering, grip and durability – qualities crucial to gain a lead during the SUPERSTARS and GT SPRINT races. The tyres are supplied as slick and rain options to both series. To meet the various specifications of the broad range of manufacturers on the grid, the tyres are available in size 260/660/18 for the SUPERSTARS and in 10 different sizes as 18 and 19 inch versions in the GT SPRINT SERIES.

Quelle: Hankook Tire
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